Artist Statement

I like to think of each of my pieces of art as "Splattered Fate".  The action of dripping, brushing, stroking and splattering; it is the communication to the canvas bringing forward the fate of the piece. My works reflect the spontaneous way in which I paint giving the piece a sense of allover painting. Each of my pieces of art represent, in a sense, my thoughts, my words, my actions, my memories.

“I continually find myself replaying in my mind the beauty of the mountains, the gardens, the ocean, and life! It’s never just about one thing. I work intuitively going to the canvas with brush in hand and a memory or vision. My art captures the emotion, the action, and blends and fuses it into a piece with color, beginning and ending. I love that!”

IMG_1400 (1).jpg
In the Groove

Beth Schmohr, Artist

Originally from Denver, CO, Beth Schmohr has studied at the Univ. of Denver, Univ. Of Alaska, Anchorage and attended many Santa Barbara City College Adult Education classes.  Growing up, her family was very musical; however, her first experience with music was painting on her father’s guitar when she was three.  She credits her inspirations in part to having lived in many places in the US and several foreign countries.  She feels blessed to have the opportunity to currently reside with her husband in southern California.  Along with her pieces of acrylic on canvas, she does works in painted glassware and beaded jewelry.    Beth is a committee member of the Carpinteria Valley Arts Council, member the Santa Barbara Art Association, a member of the Buenaventura Arts Association, the Abstract Art Collective of Santa Barbara and a board member of the Westmont College Arts Council.